Introducing the FatGuy Shoulder Holster – a powerhouse designed for those who demand reliability and style in their concealed carry gear.

💪 Robust Comfort: Feel the strength of premium materials, providing durability without sacrificing comfort.

🕶️ Stylishly Discreet: Keep your firearm out of sight, but be ready for action with this sleek and understated holster.

⚙️ Customizable Fit: Tailor the straps to your physique for the perfect fit, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.

🚀 Quick-Draw Mastery: Engineered for rapid accessibility, making it ideal for those moments when split-second decisions matter.

👔 Suited for All Occasions: Whether you're on duty, at an event, or just going about your day, the FatGuy Shoulder Holster stays securely in place.

🔫 Versatile Gun Compatibility: From compact to full-size firearms, the FatGuy accommodates your preferred weapon with ease.


"The FatGuy Shoulder Holster is a true standout! Its premium feel combines heavy-duty security with unexpected comfort. Straps adjust like a dream for a tailored fit, ensuring I'm ready for action.

Quick-draw mastery is unmatched, making critical moments a breeze. From the office to social events, it stays discreet, accommodating various firearm sizes.

The FatGuy is my go-to for style, functionality, and reliability in concealed carry. A must-have!

. Thank you Jake for your service and a great product."

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The FatGuy Shoulder Holster is your ultimate solution!

One common issue for individuals with a larger physique is the discomfort caused by paddle holsters and belt holsters, often trapped under the belly, causing discomfort and excessive sweating. When it comes to concealment, these holsters don't quite cut it for our bigger frames, often leading to noticeable printing.
The FatGuy Shoulder Holster is tailor-made for those with a robust build, ensuring flawless firearm concealment without sacrificing comfort.

  • Comfort is Key: Crafted from materials that are invisible, odor-resistant, breathable, lightweight, and skin-friendly, the FatGuy Shoulder Holster guarantees all-day comfort.
  • Seated Draws Made Easy: Perfect for those moments when you're seated at your office desk or in your car, the FatGuy Shoulder Holster ensures your sidearm remains out of the way, allowing for comfortable and discreet draws.
  • Accommodates Big/Long Barrel Guns: Specifically designed to excel with heavy handguns, the FatGuy Holster outperforms hip-mounted holsters by distributing the gun's weight across a larger area of your body.
  • Ambidextrous Design: The FatGuy Shoulder Holster provides the flexibility to choose the most comfortable handedness for you.
  • Unexpected Fun: Embrace the unexpected! Besides its practicality, the FatGuy Holster adds a touch of flair, making you feel like a seasoned pro or even a character from a different era. Perfect for Halloween costumes or just adding a unique touch to your everyday look.

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The FatGuy Shoulder Holster addresses three major pitfalls of traditional hip holsters.

  • Seated Draw Mastery: The struggle with drawing your firearm while seated, especially in a car, is a common woe with hip holsters. For those with a bit more to love around the midsection, it becomes even trickier. The FatGuy Holster solves this issue by offering easy access right under your armpit, eliminating the awkward tangle between your belly, pants, and the seatbelt.
  • Enhanced Situation Awareness: In emergencies, swift and subtle actions often outweigh speed. The FatGuy Holster, drawing naturally and smoothly, mirrors the familiar gesture of crossing your arm over the chest. This discreet movement garners less attention than the overt draw from a hip holster, significantly boosting your situational awareness.
  • No More Printing: Trying to conceal your firearm with an IWB holster can be challenging, especially if you're on the curvier side. With the FatGuy Shoulder Holster, throw on a jacket, and voilà—no one will ever notice a thing.

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The FatGuy Shoulder Holster brings great news for those dealing with back issues, as it ingeniously distributes the weight of your handgun more evenly across a broader section of your body.

The well-padded shoulder harness ensures maximum comfort, offering a pleasant alternative for those with concerns about back strain. The stretchy areas on the shoulder straps not only enhance comfort but also accommodate everyday and exaggerated movements without making you feel constricted.

Perfect for Winter Wear: As the temperature drops, jackets and suits become wardrobe staples. The FatGuy Shoulder Holster emerges as the ideal choice for colder days. Drawing your firearm from an "underarm holster" appears more natural and blends seamlessly with winter attire, setting it apart from traditional belt holsters.

Experience the comfort of weight distribution and the practicality of winter concealment with the FatGuy Shoulder Holster—where functionality meets style.

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Not only does the FatGuy Shoulder Holster prioritize safety, but it also excels in comfort and durability, thanks to its meticulously chosen leather construction.

Premium Comfort: Immerse yourself in luxury with the FatGuy holster, crafted from genuine leather. The sumptuous and finely crafted material embraces your skin, adapting to your body contours for a comfortable fit all day long. Say goodbye to itchy discomfort and fidgety adjustments – experience smooth, effortless wear that complements your every move.

All-Day Wear: Experience the breathability of leather, ensuring optimal comfort in every season. Whether it's a scorching summer day or a chilly winter evening, the FatGuy Shoulder Holster keeps you at ease, making it the ideal choice for everyday wear without any compromises.

Unmatched Durability: Embrace the renowned longevity of leather with the FatGuy holster. Built to endure the trials of time and the rigors of daily use, this holster evolves into a trustworthy companion, ensuring you're consistently ready and well-equipped.

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FatGuy Shoulder Holster: Organized, Accessible, and Ready for Anything

Maximizing the efficiency of your daily routine or travels with the FatGuy Shoulder Holster involves a strategic approach to packing. Here are some tips to keep everything organized and accessible:

Compact & Secure: Begin by adjusting the holster to its most compact configuration, ensuring any extra straps are neatly tucked away. This not only saves space but also avoids entanglements with other items in your bag.

Protection & Accessibility: Designate a specific compartment or pouch within your bag for the FatGuy Holster. If carrying a backup magazine, securely position it in the designated extra mag slot. This not only protects your gear but also ensures easy access without the need to sift through your belongings.

Quick Draw Prep: For those critical moments when accessibility is paramount, consider placing the holster near the top of your bag or in an outer pocket. This strategic placement allows for a swift and discreet retrieval of your holster and firearm when the need arises.

Moisture Control: Whether heading to a humid destination or anticipating physical activity, include a small packet of silica gel near the holster. This preventive measure helps control moisture buildup, safeguarding both the holster and your firearm from potential damage.

Regular Check-ins: Especially during extended trips, regularly inspect the holster for any necessary adjustments, ensuring it remains secure and comfortable. This routine check also allows you to assess for wear and tear, guaranteeing your FatGuy Shoulder Holster stays in optimal condition.

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Emergency Readiness and Adaptive Storage for Everyday Accessibility:

Prepare for the unexpected and streamline your daily carry with the FatGuy Shoulder Holster:

1. Compact First Aid Ready:

* Stash a compact first aid kit in a nearby compartment for immediate access during unexpected situations.

* Attach a whistle or signaling device to the holster for an added layer of safety in emergencies.

2. Adaptive Storage Solutions:

* Personalize your bag's interior with adjustable dividers, creating a dedicated and secure space for the FatGuy Holster.

* Implement hook-and-loop strips to fasten the holster securely to your bag's lining, eliminating unnecessary movement.

3. Everyday Accessibility:

* For those always on the go, strategically position the FatGuy Holster in an easily accessible location within your bag.

* Opt for a bag with multiple access points or compartments, ensuring seamless and convenient retrieval during your daily activities.*

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"As a seasoned veteran with years of experience in the field, the FatGuy Shoulder Holster has become an invaluable addition to my daily carry. Its design not only ensures the safety and accessibility I need but also offers a level of comfort that's crucial during long hours on duty. The weight distribution is impeccable, preventing unnecessary strain on my back—a game-changer for someone with a history of back issues. The durable leather construction speaks to its longevity, standing up to the rigors of daily use. Whether I'm on duty or enjoying some downtime, the FatGuy Holster is a reliable companion that seamlessly combines practicality, comfort, and durability. Highly recommended for anyone, especially my fellow veterans. "

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"In the line of duty, having a reliable and discreet holster is non-negotiable. The FatGuy Shoulder Holster has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Its vertical design ensures safety, preventing accidental pointing, while the adjustable straps offer a personalized fit that accommodates my on-duty gear seamlessly. The leather construction not only exudes quality but also provides a level of comfort rarely found in standard holsters. Its adaptability and accessibility make it a standout choice for any police officer, ensuring I can respond swiftly and confidently in any situation. From daily patrols to high-stakes operations, the FatGuy Holster has proven to be an essential part of my uniform."

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Elite-Tested: The FatGuy Shoulder Holster Rises Above the Rest

In a rigorous examination led by retired Army Sergeant John Miller, renowned for his two decades of military expertise, the FatGuy Shoulder Holster has emerged as the premier choice among military professionals. This comprehensive evaluation, conducted in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, showcased the holster's unmatched performance in both training exercises and everyday use.

Miller's analysis pinpointed the exceptional durability of the holster, attributed to its construction from top-tier materials. Crafted with precision using premium leather, the FatGuy Holster proved resilient under the demanding conditions of military drills, promising reliability in combat situations. Its adjustable design, catering to both left and right-handed users, demonstrated inclusivity, ensuring a perfect fit for soldiers of all sizes.

A standout feature highlighted in Miller's assessment was the holster's discreet and low-profile design. This guarantees that soldiers can seamlessly carry secondary weapons without compromising their stance or readiness—a critical advantage in tactical scenarios. Comfort during prolonged wear was also emphasized, acknowledging the holster's ergonomic design that facilitates unrestricted movement, a vital factor during extended missions.

The quick-draw capability of the FatGuy Shoulder Holster stood out as a game-changer, providing soldiers with the ability to swiftly arm themselves in response to sudden threats. In high-stakes situations, this feature could prove to be a lifesaver, offering a tactical advantage that aligns seamlessly with the demands of military service.

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In a study led by Dr. James Powell, an expert in how the body moves and works, he and his team checked out the FatGuy Shoulder Holster. They didn't just try it out themselves; they also sent it to physical therapists and military veterans to see what they thought.

Turns out, most of these experts really liked it, especially for people who find other types of holsters uncomfortable or painful. They said the FatGuy Holster helps spread the weight around so it doesn't all press in one place, which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear, even for folks who have back pain or are bigger built.

So, it's not just about keeping your firearm hidden and easy to get to; it's also about feeling good while you wear it. The pros agree that if you're looking for a holster that feels good all day and helps avoid pain, the FatGuy Shoulder Holster is a top choice.

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Ready to Order, but Have Questions?

We got you covered.

Q: Is the FatGuy Shoulder Holster adjustable for different body sizes?

A: Absolutely! The FatGuy Holster comes with adjustable straps, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide range of body sizes. Whether you're tall, short, slim, or broad, it adapts to your contours for optimal comfort.

Q: Can I comfortably wear the FatGuy Holster for an entire day?

A: Yes, you can! Crafted from premium leather, the holster is designed for all-day wear. The material is not only breathable but also adapts to your movements, providing a comfortable experience from sunrise to sunset.

Q: How discreet is the FatGuy Shoulder Holster under clothing?

A: Extremely discreet. The sleek and low-profile design of the FatGuy Holster ensures it stays hidden under your clothes, allowing you to carry with confidence without revealing your firearm.

Q: Does the holster work well for quick-draw situations?

A: Absolutely. The FatGuy Holster is engineered for quick-draw convenience. Its design allows for swift and easy access to your firearm, ensuring you're prepared for any situation that requires a rapid response.

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