Dino Belt xHolster

Dino Belt xHolster - Special Edition


The most versatile & comfortable holster you'll ever see, it can be worn in almost any position and conceals without causing pain.

💖 Maximum comfort for all-day, everyday carry

👨 Natural pain relief without leaving your fire-arm behind

✨ Your own physical therapist but holds 99% of all modern semi-auto pistols


"This band has a very secure pocket for a handgun and will fit a variety of models. I love the fact that I can add, or reduce the number of magazine pouches just by attaching them with the Velcro backing. It's not bulky and if you have a bad back as I do, this removes ant strain. I highly recommend it!"

Shipping Detail

Shipping is free worldwide, and takes 6-10 business days. All orders are shipped with a tracking number.


When your package arrives, you have 30 days to try the Dinosaurised™. If you aren't happy with your health improvement, or if you are unsatisfied in any way at all, simply contact our customer support team at support@dinosaurised.com for a 100% refund.

One of our dedicated agents will handle your return - no questions asked.

That's how confident we are that our product is the best.



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Seeking an Alternative for Your Irritating & Smelly Holster?

Fed up with your irritating and smelly holster? We totally get it. Your holster shouldn't just be about function; it should be about comfort, adaptability, and yes, even about smelling good.

Introducing the Dino Belt xHolster for a game-changing experience. Lightweight, beltless, adaptable, and designed for comfort, it has an extra magazine pouch and even features a back support brace.

Say goodbye to discomfort and sweaty days. The Dino Belt xHolster's breathable material keeps you cool and comfortable, no matter the weather. Its secure and subtle design ensures your firearm is always concealed, while the washable fabric keeps things fresh and odor-free.

Upgrade your holster game and join over 60,000 satisfied customers who have made the switch to the Dino Belt xHolster. Make summer carry a breeze with its unmatched comfort and reliability.

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Be Prepared to Protect at Attack

Don't let an uncomfortable holster stop you from being ready every day.

The Dino Belt xHolster is the most comfortable holster you will EVER wear and works with any clothing imaginable.

The vast majority of gun owners don’t carry their guns daily for 1 simple reason. They don’t like how their holster feels.

The good news is that the Dino Belt xHolster is made for all-day wear. Besides being safe and fast, our holster is also comfy and good for your health.

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Designed for All Shapes and Sizes: Embrace Safe & Comfortable Concealed Carry, Regardless of Body Type

Our holster is designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes, ensuring that individuals of any body type can enjoy a secure and comfortable carrying experience.

  • Super lightweight Neoprene material

  • Minimizes the weight on your back while offering flexibility, ensuring a comfortable fit

  • NO itching and irritation

  • Sweat absorbent

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Your Holsters Could Be The #1 Cause Of Your Back Pain

Yes, that's right. Your holster can indeed cause you back pain and appendicitis. It happens to a lot of people who conceal carry daily, also a common issue amongst police and military personnel.

But that's exactly why Dino Belt xHolster is different. Unlike regular holsters that put all the weight in one place, it distributes the weight evenly across your body.

What this does is help you maintain good posture and it takes pressure off your spine. It's a more comfortable way to carry, without having to sacrifice easy access or safety.

In addition, it supports your spine and promotes healthier blood flow and nutrient delivery to your lower back and hips. This could potentially help your body heal itself, providing relief from back pain, sciatica, and hip discomfort quite quickly.

So, with Dino Belt xHolster, you're not just keeping yourself safe. You're also taking a proactive step towards better posture and back health.

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Carry Like Never Before

Results reported from surveys sent out after purchase to over 10,000+ customers.


Reported a significant decrease in back pain when using our holster.


Reported an increase in mobility after their first month of consistent use


Reported a major reduction in draw time speed.

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Don't wait any longer! Discover why 18000+ people said

Dino Belt xHolster is their best holster ever

With Dino Belt xHolster, You Don’t Simply Carry a Gun.

You Bring Preparedness and Safety With You

Developed And Endorsed By Professionals

In the "Holster Comfort Assessment Study" led by Dr. James Powell, a renowned military physician specializing in ergonomics from Uniformed Services University.

The Dino Belt XHolster has not only been tested by us and in-house but it has also been sent out to dozens of Chiropractors and Veterans to try out themselves and on clients that had the most severe back issues.

It has been recommended by the majority of professionals as one of the most effective and fastest ways to get pain relief while concealed carry.

What Makes The xHolster Special?

Dino Belt xHolster vs Others:

Carry With Peace of Mind



Don't Leave You House Unprotected Any Longer




1 Dino Belt xHolster


TOTAL $44.99 (1 HOLSTER)  




3 Dino Belt xHolsters


TOTAL $104.97 (3 HOLSTERS)



2 Dino Belt xHolsters


TOTAL $79.98 (2 HOLSTERS)  

Ready to Order, but Have Questions?

We got you covered.

Will this work for my revolver?

The holster will fit most compact revolvers but we don't have an exhaustive list of which revolvers do and don't fit.

Do i need a belt? how does it connect around the waist?

NO! The holster has a built in Waist Band. It secures around your waist with built-in, high quality molded velcro. You do not need a belt... or anything else for that matter. You could even wear it naked if you wanted too. ;)

Will my magazines fit in the pouch?

Yes, all magazines for all semi-automatics will fit. The mag pouch is height adjustable.

Does this holster work with slide-mounted optics (Red dots, etc)?

In most cases no, though some smaller, sub-compact weapons may work with a slide-mounted optic. If you want to try the holster out with your optic and it doesn’t work, please remember we offer an any-reason return policy for the first 30-days you own the holster.

Would it be possible to move the trigger? How rigid is the material over the trigger?

No, our design features thick material around the buttons, which serves as a trigger guard to prevent accidental discharge and protect your trigger.

Everyone Loves Dino Belt xHolster

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