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Looking for the Ultimate Sling Bag for Concealed Carry?Discover the Raptor Sling Bag - the epitome of discretion, comfort, and tactical efficiency. It's not just a bag; it's your day-to-day carry revolution, enabling you to navigate any environment with confidence and ease.

🕵️‍♂️ Stealth Mode Concealment - Expertly designed to blend with daily essentials, ensuring your firearm stays invisible and secure without drawing attention.

🆓 Free MOLLE Attachable Gun Holster

🛡️ Unmatched Comfort & Ergonomic Design

🔒 State-of-the-Art, Durable Material - Beyond standard resilience, crafted for real-life scenarios.

🏃‍♂️ Rapid Access to Your Firearm - Ensures you're prepared, without compromising on speed or safety.

🚶‍♂️ Promotes posture and back support - Designed with your spinal health in mind, offering unparalleled carry comfort.

🎒 An EDC Pouch That's Got Your Back - Not just for your firearm, but an organizer's dream for all your essentials, boosting your readiness and resilience.

The Raptor Sling Bag is more than an accessory; it's a necessity for those who value preparedness, comfort, and style.


"I recently upgraded to the Raptor Sling Bag, and it has completely transformed my daily carry experience. This isn't just another tactical bag; it's a game-changer for anyone serious about combining concealed carry with everyday convenience. The comfort level is unparalleled – it feels like the bag molds to your body, thanks to its ergonomic design and balanced weight distribution.

The material quality is top-notch, clearly built to withstand the rigors of daily use while keeping my gear protected. Accessing my firearm is swift and intuitive, a critical feature that gives me peace of mind in high-pressure situations. Plus, the additional compartments are a godsend, providing organized spaces for all my essentials - from my phone to medical supplies."

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rated 4.8/5 By 18,736+ Happy Customers


Meet the Raptor Sling Bag – the discreet, stylish, and highly-functional solution to your concealed carry needs.

Imagine walking through the city streets, your essential belongings well-organized and within arm's reach, yet without drawing any unnecessary attention.

This bag, crafted from durable 1000D water-resistant nylon, is designed to be your trustworthy companion that seamlessly combines everyday convenience with tactical utility.

With a quick access strap for rapid handgun retrieval, this bag is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a bold declaration of preparedness and self-reliance.

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With its sleek, unassuming design, the Raptor Sling Bag allows you to maintain your privacy while navigating through urban jungles or serene landscapes.

It appears as an everyday chest pack, avoiding unwanted attention, while secretly serving as a tactical EDC pouch that can carry more than meets the eye. Move with peace of mind, blending in yet always prepared.

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In a critical situation, every second counts. The Raptor’s quick-open feature ensures that your handgun is always accessible when you need it most. The inner strap is designed for swift, intuitive access, so you can respond effectively and responsibly, safeguarding yourself and those around you.

With dedicated compartments for your firearm, ammunition, smartphone, medical supplies, and more, the Raptor Sling Bag offers unparalleled organization. Every item has its place, and every place is thoughtfully designed to maximize convenience and accessibility.

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The Raptor Sling Bag isn't just about carrying your essentials—it’s about carrying them comfortably. With its ergonomically designed shoulder strap and balanced weight distribution, this bag is a dream to wear, whether you’re on a quick errand or an all-day excursion.

Plus, the extra sundries pouch on the shoulder strap provides immediate access to your most-used items without breaking stride.

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Say Hello to the Raptor Sling Bag: The End of Back and Organ Pain for Gun Owners

The Raptor Sling Bag is a game-changer in the world of concealed carry, designed for anyone who wants quick, easy access to their firearm without giving themselves away. Here's what makes it special:

Stay Under the Radar: The Raptor is all about stealth. It looks like any other bag but has a secret compartment for your firearm. This means you can carry your weapon without attracting attention, whether you're sitting in your car, working at your desk, or out in public.

Easy Access When Seated: One of the biggest advantages of the Raptor is how it lets you quickly draw your firearm while seated. Traditional holsters can be tricky to access in these situations, but the Raptor's design ensures your weapon is always within easy reach.

Silent and Swift: The bag's design allows for a quick and silent draw. This is crucial in situations where you need to defend yourself without alerting a potential threat.

Looks Can Be Deceiving: Despite its functionality, the Raptor keeps a low profile. It blends in with your everyday items, which means you can prepare for defense without anyone realizing.

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Carry Like Never Before

Results reported from surveys sent out after purchase to over 10,000+ customers.


Reported a significant decrease in back & organ pain when using our bag.


Reported an increase in mobility after their first month of consistent use


Reported a major improvement in draw time.

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The Raptor Sling Bag: Your Stealthy Companion for Easy Seated Draw

Thanks to groundbreaking research by Major John Powell, a U.S. Army medic, the Raptor Sling Bag is setting new standards in carrying comfort. Traditional holsters often lead to uneven weight distribution, causing back and organ discomfort. However, the Raptor Sling Bag is designed to evenly spread the weight across your body, eliminating pain and increasing comfort.

Major Carter's findings highlight the importance of balance. With the Raptor, no single part of your body is overburdened, allowing for better posture and organ function. It's the smarter, healthier carry option that keeps you comfortable all day long.

Switch to the Raptor Sling Bag and feel the difference. Your back (and organs) will thank you for it!

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With its smart design, the Raptor Sling Bag lets you respond quickly if you're ever in a tight spot. This special feature means you can act fast to keep yourself safe, without drawing attention beforehand. It's all about giving you a hidden advantage and peace of mind, ensuring you're always a step ahead in an emergency.

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"My Go-To Bag for Everything - Work, Kids, and Everything In Between!

"Hey there! Let me just dive right in and tell you about my latest find - the Raptor Sling Bag. Being a police officer by day and a full-time mom 24/7, my life is a whirlwind of shifts, soccer practices, and trying to squeeze in grocery runs. I needed a bag that could keep up with my hectic schedule, keep my firearm safe and easily accessible, and not look like it just came off a tactical gear rack. Sounds like a tall order, right? Well, the Raptor Sling Bag checks all these boxes and then some!

First off, the style is just what I was looking for. It’s sleek, kind of chic, and doesn’t shout, "Hey, I’m carrying something important here!" Perfect for when I’m off duty and doing the mom thing, like attending PTA meetings or taking the kids for ice cream. It blends in so well, no one gives it a second glance.

Now, let's talk about accessibility because that’s a deal-breaker for me. The quick access feature is a dream! It’s like this bag was designed knowing I’d need to reach in and have my hand on my firearm in a split second, all while keeping it secure from curious little hands. Safety first, always!

And oh, the organization inside this thing is amazing. There’s a spot for my essentials - yes, that includes band-aids, snacks for the kids, and my police badge. Everything has its place, which is a lifesaver when you’re trying to find your keys and keep an eye on two toddlers running in opposite directions.

Wearing this bag feels like a breeze. It doesn’t matter if I’m chasing after a perp or my kids at the park; I hardly notice it’s there. The shoulder strap? Super comfy and doesn’t dig in, which is a huge plus.

In short, the Raptor Sling Bag is my little everyday hero. It effortlessly bridges my two worlds, offering the perfect mix of tactical functionality and everyday practicality. If you’re juggling a demanding job and family life, this bag is a game-changer. Trust me, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

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"The Ultimate Companion for the Prepared and Practical!" - IRAQ VET JAMES BOWMAN

"As someone who's worn many hats - a father, a veteran, and now a farmer - I understand the value of being prepared for any situation, whether it's a day out with the kids, managing the unpredictable nature of farm life, or reminiscing about my military days with a level of readiness and responsibility. The Raptor Sling Bag has become an indispensable part of my daily routine, blending seamlessly into all aspects of my life.

The bag's discreet design is perfect for those of us who prefer to keep a low profile while staying prepared. Walking through my farm or taking the family out for an afternoon in town, the Raptor Sling Bag fits all scenarios, keeping my essentials organized and accessible without drawing unnecessary attention. The quick access strap is a feature that speaks directly to my veteran instincts, allowing me to access my handgun rapidly and safely in a high-pressure moment, echoing the principles of readiness I've always lived by.

Moreover, the comfort and tactical functionality of this bag are unmatched. It's clear that a lot of thought went into its ergonomic design, making it easy to carry around the farm or while handling the day's errands. The balanced weight distribution means I can have it on all day without discomfort, which is more than I can say for other bags I've used in the past.

In summary, the Raptor Sling Bag is much more than just a means to carry a concealed weapon. It's a testament to living a life prepared, a nod to my past in the military, and a tool in my present as a farmer and father. It's durable, practical, and discreet - everything I need as I juggle my roles. Highly recommend it to anyone who values functionality, comfort, and preparedness in their everyday carry."

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Don't wait any longer! Discover why 18000+ people said

Raptor Sling Bag is their best bag ever

With Raptor Sling Bag, You Don’t Simply Carry a Gun.

You Bring Preparedness and Safety With You

Developed And Endorsed By Professionals

In our journey to create the ultimate everyday carry, we've taken the Raptor Sling Bag through some serious testing, guided by the expertise of Dr. James Powell. Dr. Powell isn't just any expert; he's a medic veteran with a wealth of knowledge in making gear comfortable and practical, learned from his time in Afghanistan.

We didn't stop with our own tests. We sent the Raptor Sling Bag out to a bunch of Physical Therapists and experienced Special Operations Veterans, especially those who've had their fair share of back and shoulder issues. We wanted to make sure this bag worked well for everyone, not just the average user.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. These professionals, who know a thing or two about carrying gear comfortably, really liked the Raptor Sling Bag. They praised how it combines the ability to carry concealed with real comfort. It's designed to be easy on your back and shoulders, making it a great choice for everyday use, even for those who have had discomfort with other bags in the past.

What Makes The Raptor Sling bag Special?

Raptor Sling Bag vs Others:

Carry With Peace of Mind



Don't Leave You House Unprotected Any Longer




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TOTAL $54.99 (1 BAG)  




3 Raptor Sling Bags


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2 Raptor Sling Bags


TOTAL $99.98 (2 BAGS)  

Ready to Order, but Have Questions?

We got you covered.

1. Can the Raptor Sling Bag fit all sizes of handguns?

Absolutely! The Raptor Sling Bag is designed to accommodate 99% of modern semi-automatic pistols, providing a secure and snug fit for a wide range of handgun sizes. Its versatile design ensures that your firearm is always within easy reach, while remaining concealed and secure.

2. Is the Raptor Sling Bag suitable for all-day wear?

Yes, the Raptor Sling Bag is engineered for comfort and extended wear. With its ergonomically designed shoulder strap and balanced weight distribution, it minimizes strain on your shoulder and back, making it ideal for all-day use. Whether you're running errands, on an all-day excursion, or navigating through urban environments, the Raptor Sling Bag offers unparalleled comfort.

3. How does the Raptor Sling Bag ensure quick access to my firearm?

The bag features a quick-open strap that allows for rapid, intuitive access to your firearm in high-pressure situations. This design ensures that you can retrieve your weapon swiftly and safely, without having to fumble through zippers or compartments, giving you a critical advantage when it matters most.

4. What makes the Raptor Sling Bag water-resistant?

The Raptor Sling Bag is crafted from 1000D water-resistant nylon, providing superior protection against the elements. This durable material ensures that your belongings, including your electronic devices and important documents, stay dry and secure, no matter the weather conditions.

Would it be possible to move the trigger? How rigid is the material over the trigger? 5. Can I use the Raptor Sling Bag for purposes other than concealed carry?

Definitely! While the Raptor Sling Bag excels as a concealed carry bag, its versatile design and multiple compartments make it an excellent choice for everyday carry, travel, or outdoor adventures. With dedicated spaces for your smartphone, medical supplies, and other essentials, it doubles as a highly functional organizer, ensuring that you're prepared for anything the day might bring.

Everyone Loves Raptor Sling Bag

4.8 | Based on 18,736 reviews