FleWar Belly Band Holster For Men

FleWar Belly Band Holster

Discover true all-day comfort when concealed carrying.

  • Ideal for daily walks, jogging and hiking, especially for those sitting or being active.
  • Perfect under shorts when a traditional belt and holster won’t work.
  • Versatile positioning, universal size, adapts to your needs.
  • No digging in to skin
  • Efficient weight distribution for added comfort


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Soft, breathable materials material

Ideal for daily walks, jogging and hiking, especially for those sitting or being active.

Yes, that's right. Your holster can indeed cause you back pain and appendicitis. It happens to a lot of people who conceal carry daily, also a common issue amongst police and military personnel.

But that's exactly why FleWar Belly Holster is different. Unlike regular holsters that put all the weight in one place, it distributes the weight evenly across your body.

What this does is help you maintain good posture and it takes pressure off your spine. It's a more comfortable way to carry, without having to sacrifice easy access or safety.

No need for a belt

Perfect under shorts when a traditional belt and holster won’t work.

Our belly band holster is the perfect solution for those times when you’re wearing shorts and facing the challenge of concealing your firearm. In situations where a traditional belt and holster won’t work, our belly band holster shines. What sets it apart is the convenience it offers – there’s no need for a belt when you use our holster. This means you can enjoy the freedom of wearing your preferred shorts without the hassle of dealing with a belt that doesn’t quite match your outfit or a holster that doesn’t fit comfortably. Our belly band holster provides a secure and comfortable option, allowing you to confidently carry your firearm with ease and convenience. So, whether you’re going for a casual walk or a day at the range, our holster has got you covered, no belt required.

Smooth edges to minimize friction and irritation

No digging in to skin

One of the standout features is that it won’t dig into your skin like some other holsters might. We’ve made sure to include smooth edges that minimize friction and irritation. This means you can wear it all day long without worrying about any discomfort or chafing. Your skin will thank you, and you’ll be able to enjoy a pain-free concealed carry experience.


Quicker than a Greased Pig: The Dragon Belly Holster knows when it's time to hightail it, every second counts.

A silent, removable Retention Strap: It won't make a peep, and you can even take it off to draw quicker.

Flexible as a Willow: You can put this holster anywhere you like for the fastest draw.

Smooth as a River Stone: The neoprene slips right off for a slick draw.

Just Right for the Ladies: The Dragon Belly’s even weight distribution makes it a great fit for the gals, letting them whip out their piece faster than you can say "howdy!"

The Dragon Belly Holster - the best thing since sliced bread for comfort, safety, and quick-draw!

"I have tried 15 or more holsters and have never found one that was just right. I have carried for years in my front pocket because ankle holsters, inside your belt holsters, fake cell phone case,and all the others did not work well for me. The problem with caring in my pocket was no matter which case I used you could still see an outline of the gun. I saw this holster and was very skeptical that it would fit my needs especially for the price! I have to admit I was very wrong. The holster is very comfortable although it can be a little warm, it fits my Ruger LCP and S and W bodyguard very well along with extended magazines. The holster conceals super well (see my photos) I would say this is a definite buy! On top of me liking this holster tremendously the shipping was exceptionally fast and I received it within a couple of days. I don't normally write reviews on Dinosaurized but this holster was worth it! "

 - Joseph , Northbrook, Illinois.



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WHY BUY A FleWar Belly Band Holster ?

Stickier than molasses: It clings to you like a second skin, and no one will even know you're packing.

Breathable as a summer breeze: Perfect for you folks who carry all day long.

Made for cowboys and cowgirls: Fits both men and women just right.

Pairs well with any outfit: Whether you're sporting sweats, gym shorts, loose jeans, dresses, skirts, or yoga pants, the Dragon Belly Holster's got you covered.

Ambidextrous as a switch-hitter: Works for righties and lefties alike.

One size fits all: Our surgical-grade elastic holster snugly holds all sorts of firearms, from small subcompacts to full-sized pistols and revolvers.

Versatile: Wear it inside or outside the waistband, cross-body, appendix, behind the hip, small of the back, or even up high like a shoulder holster.

Won't stink up the joint: Made from a no-smell material that's easy to wash.

Great News: Smooth Seated Draw

With other holsters, drawing your gun while sitting down can be as awkward as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs. But with the FleWar Belly Band Holster, it's easy as pie. Just strap it to your chest or belly, and you'll be ready for action whether you're in the office or behind the wheel.

Hot off the press (10/10/2021): New Retaining Strap - Hush as a Whisper + More Time

Big thanks to our buddy Abe Beatty from Pretty Prairie, KS for this genius idea! Other holsters (ours included, once upon a time) used noisy metal buttons or Velcro to hold guns in place. But with our new retention strap, you'll have a solid three seconds of stealth before anyone realizes you've drawn your weapon. In a pinch, those precious moments make all the difference.

And if you're lookin' for an even faster draw, just take the strap off!


FleWar Belly Band HolsterS ARE PERFECT FOR

When you're a guy who may have kind of 20 pistols, and of course, you don't want to buy one holster for each of yours.

When you're a lady, you have a lot different types of clothes which are mostly not suitable for other holsters.

You want a comfortable & breathable-but-still-working holster.

When you're a hard-working folk who's on the road all the time, and you want to stay prepared. At least, when things take place, you don't want to be noticed that you're already armed.



I ordered three deferent belly band holsters because I have to carry my Glock 26 concealed for work. So whatever holster I ended up with I would be wearing for about 12 hours a day 5 days a week. I have a gut and no butt so belt (inside or out) holsters aren’t great for me. The most expressive band I got was from Falco for over $70. This FleWar Belly Band Holster  from Dinosaurized was by far the cheapest. It’s also the only one I use. It’s comfortable and pretty breathable. It does get hot but all belly bands do, to some degree. I just got used to it. I do maintenance and security work. Meaning I wear this thing while I do a good bit of construction and manual labor, and it does great. All that being said, the band looks nothing like it did when I first got it. It has been almost of year of constant use and I have customized it a lot. I carry cuffs in the extra holster and an extra mag and flashlight in the two loops. I have bolted a retention holster to it, but before I did that the regular cloth holster worked great. At this price you can afford to experiment. A guy I have worked with for over a year was shocked when I mentioned that I carried at work, so that tells you how well it conceals. I will include some pictures to show what I did. Honestly I love this thing. If I get a year out of I will consider myself lucky, so I’m thinking of ordering a few. I mean it’s under $50 so yeah the sticking isn’t amazing, but I believe any holster worn and used like I do wouldn’t last that long. Anyway if you’re even the littlest bit curious about the belly band idea, get this one!

- Ron Swanson, El Toro, California

“I love this headband. I use it for everyday carrying. It is very comfortable and I can wear it with everything: sports shorts, dress pants, blouses, shorts and pants. I wear it on the hip and, I usually hide my Springfield xds deeper. The extra magazine racks are crap so don't count on them. I remove the holster bands that go around the gun for a faster and more comfortable draw. you wear it lower it looks like an extension of my underpants and doesn't bother me. I have an IWB leather holster and also a pocket holster and this one is by far my favorite mainly because it doesn't I don't pull on my pants at all, I don't even have to wear a belt ".

- Kevin Henrichsen, Northampton, Pennsylvania

"This is my EDC holster. It's so hard for a woman to find a holster and this is by far my favorite. I wear a Beretta Px4 Storm compact (no, not the solar compact) and LOVE my gun. , but it is not the easiest weapon for a woman to conceal. (and I personally prefer not to open it) With this holster I can however conceal this weapon in many outfits as I can position it in many places. Hip, back, chest, deep port ... I can do anything depending on the outfit I wear. As a bonus, I was able to hide it during my pregnancy! In maternity clothes! Like in maternity pants full belly panel! I'm including a photo of me hiding during my pregnancy. "

Yara P Camp- Tulsa, Oklahoma

"He holds my Springfield 1911 45. and my MP Smith Western 45. Caliber very comfortably and you can't see anything when I have a shirt over it. Very discreet, I like it a lot. 👌🏾👌🏾💯👍🏾"

- Dave P.- Bridgeview, Illinois

3 sizes available, only in Dinosaurized: Made of stretchy and adjustable neoprene, FleWar Belly Band Holsters have 3 sizes: 43 ", 52" and 58". 




1 Set FleWar Belly Band Holster For Men


TOTAL$ 39.99 (1 holster )




3 Set FleWar Belly Band Holsters For Men

$ 29.99/HOLSTER

TOTAL$ 89.97 (3 holsters )



2 Set FleWar Belly Band Holsters For Men


TOTAL$ 79.98 ( 2 holsters )

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