Rogan Gun Rack

If you're looking for somewhere to reorganizer your EDCs when you come to the office or return home, you should get yourself a Rogan gun rack.

This rack can accommodate Gun, watches, all iPhone models and other smartphones such as Samsung, Nokia, Nexus, HTC, Pixel etc. Rogan rack will help to keep your office or home desk organized. It will hold your gun, phone, wallet, keys, glasses, wedding ring, necklaces, pen or pencil.

Customizable docking station. Designed to keep your phone, watch and keys tidy and always within reach, this multi-functional and stylish wood stand is a must have item both at home and at the office.

Details and Benefits:
📌 Wood treatment is carried out with completely eco-friendly and anti-allergenic water-based oils.
📌 The docking station allows you to place all types of iPhone, Samsung and Android.
📌 Functional space saver to organize your everyday essentials
📌 Durable and sturdy construction and heirloom quality
📌 Silicone grips guarantee no slipping
📌 Inserts with Natural felt.
📌 Slots for a charging cord.

If you want to customize, please read the notes below:

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Materials: Birch plywood.
Width - 11.60 in (29.5cm)
Depth - 8 in (20 cm)
Height - 8.25 in (21cm)